Crystal Healing Course Informaiton

Crystal Healing Course Information.

Level 1 Crystal Healing Course.

(Diploma of Crystal Healing Practitioner).

An Introduction to Crystal Healing.

What are Healing Crystals.

Just What is Crystal Healing.

Healing Crystals Forms and Shapes.

Choosing Healing Crystals.

Cleansing/Clearing Healing Crystals.

Programming Healing Crystals.

Storing and Displaying Your Healing Crystals.

Exploring Your Healing Crystals.

Working with Healing Crystals.

Grounding & Centering.

Crystal Healing Elixirs & Essences.

The Chakras.

Base Chakra.

Sacral Chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra.

Additional Information for Above Chakras Heart Chakra Throat Chakra Third Eye Chakra Crown Chakra Minor Chakras.

Crystal Healing Layouts.

Crystal Healing Cautions.

Giving a Crystal Healing.

Reference Guide to Healing Crystals.
Crystals and their Healing Properties for Ailments.

Level 2 Crystal Healing Course.

(Advanced Diploma of Crystal Healing Practitioner.)

(Pre-requisite pass in Level 1.)

Healing the Aura with Crystals.
Crystal Healing Wands.

Crystal Healing Pendulums.

Dowsing with Healing Crystals.

Scrying with Healing Crystals.

Healing Crystals for Protection.

Healing with Quartz Points.

Using Crystal Singing Bowls Crystal.

Crystals and Colours.

Visualization Meditation with healing crystals.

Bathing with Crystals.

Shaped and Carved Crystals.

Crystals in the Home.

Crystals in the Garden.

Clear Quartz Crystal Quartz Family.

Coloured Crystals.

Crystal Deva.

Crystals and Atlantis.

Crystal Altars.

Crystal Massage.

Crystals and Reflexology.

Crystals and the Meridians.

Crystals and Aromatherapy.

Endocrine System.

Clearing Spaces/ Houses/Offices/Rooms.

Crystal healing and the Inner child.

Crystal Healing Ying/Yang And much more…

Level 3 Crystal Healing Course.

(Master Diploma of Crystal Healing Practitioner).

(Pre-requisite passes in Levels 1 & 2.)

Healing Crystals and Their Properties.

Crystals by Use Crystals and their corresponding body areas.

Crystals and the Weather.

Smudging Distance Healing.

Crystal Healing Grid with step by step video included.

Master Crystals.

Special Shapes.

Manifestation Calming Crystals.

Crystal Healing for Fertility Crystal.

Healing for Colds and Flu.

Crystals for Women Crystals For Men.

Crystals for Children.

The Elements.

Phantom Crystals.

Feng-Shui and Crystal healing.

Healing Circles.

Geological Time.

Healing Repressed Pain and Trauma And Much More…….

We reserve the right to change the course material at anytime. Without notice.

As you can see the value is definitely there, as this is the most comprehensive course on the internet today. It is exactly the same as the crystal healing course, I teach in person and that costs around $1,500.00USD,, compared to $300.00USD, for the online membership crystal healing course.